Solutions Advisors

Creative solutions that engage, inspire and motivate.

Solvere’s sister company, Solutions Advisors, a provider of results-driven, award-winning advertising, marketing, sales training and consulting services has been strategically paired with our benchmark strength of innovative, value-driven community management. Like Solvere, Solutions Advisors solely serves the senior housing industry and their passion for this market is as intensive as ours.

Solutions Advisors’ sales philosophy views prospects through a different lens: one in which older adults are seen as having purpose, control and legacy. This philosophy extends to our creative services by developing branded identity collateral, lead generation materials, websites and digital strategies that speak specifically to the developmental drivers of the growing segment of the aging consumer.

Utilizing the community’s own unique brand and characteristics is at the very core of how Solutions Advisors communicates messages that engage, inspire and motivate. This approach and partnership with clients sets us apart from other organizations. Our award-winning creative communicates to the market what makes our managed communities different. And our effective results provide confidence for our clients that they have made the right decision when working with us.

Key Capabilities

When you take time to discover each prospective resident’s sense of purpose, you gain a stronger sense of how your community can help prospects meet their goals, maintain control over their lives and remain a productive member of society. Understanding our unique sales technique, the advancement of the sales journey through storytelling, is a key component of our comprehensive sales training and consulting. Your sales team will work hand-in-hand with our experts to create customized plans built to achieve maximum results based on the needs of your unique community. Our collaborative approach enables your staff to be more productive by using available resources – including your existing prospect database – to achieve new levels of success that positively impacts your bottom line.

Whether you’re looking to increase occupancy, expand services or simply re-engage your sales team, we start with a thorough analysis of your market position and then formulate a strategic marketing plan with measurable goals. And we measure results continuously to ensure wise expenditure of your marketing dollars.

How do you truly differentiate your community from the rest? You begin with insightful market research and cultural assessments to advise you of your strengths, challenges and opportunities – and later, recommendations on all the ways you can succeed. Building on our unique approach to sales, our marketing team studies, observes and asks questions. And borrowing insights from noted geriatric psychologist David Solie, author of How To Say It To Seniors, on older adults’ unique developmental drivers, Solutions Advisors utilizes different language, phrases, vocabulary and communication methods to help minimize generational conflict and influence the decision-making process.

We identify your key selling points, learn ways to improve lead generation and guide you on ways to help jump-start sales. Together, we create a strategic marketing plan custom-tailored for your community. Our marketing approach has helped communities across the country overcome hurdles, break through the competition clutter and achieve measurable results.

Successful marketing and advertising is more than a slick brochure. Effective creative is informed by strong analytics and supported by key strategic insights. At Solutions Advisors, we bring creative solutions to your practical problems. Instead of cookie-cutter campaigns that attempt to speak to everyone, we develop highly targeted strategic marketing. We have the talent and resources to identify your community’s unique value proposition and key selling messages to generate eye-catching creative that drives results and revenue for your community.

Good-looking creative is nothing without a well thought-out strategy behind it. From creating a simple event flyer to developing the mobile version of your website, everything we build is squarely focused on generating new leads and building a recognizable and compelling brand for your community. Our multi-channel approach will highlight your community’s key selling messages and differentiators to engage the eyes and minds of prospective residents and influencers.