Eversound Tools To Improve Hearing Help Solvere Living Residents Connect During Physical Distancing

When some residents weren’t getting the enjoyment they wanted out of every day interactions with friends and neighbors, Solvere Living began working with Eversound last year to enhance their ability to focus and engage through powerful headphones.

During the COVID crisis and physical distancing requirements, Eversound has allowed residents more engagement with families and other residents in three ways:

  1. Families and residents can safely connect in-person through see-through partitions or in outdoor courtyards. Clear, two-way communication is made possible by Eversound’s long range transmission and enhanced listening technology.
  2. Communities can safely resume small group programs thanks to the standard group systems. Residents are safely spaced out without compromising Eversound’s amplification benefits.
  3. Eversound can also be used to enhance virtual family visits due to its ability to connect to almost all audio sources such as a tablet or computer.

The increased engagement for hard-of-hearing residents has been wonderful to witness, and Solvere Living is working with Eversound to increase use of the technology throughout Solvere communities nationwide.

Resident enjoyment isn’t just easy to see, it’s supported by numbers. Eversound participated in “Hearables for All”, a 12-month Front Porch Center for Innovation and Wellbeing (FPCIW) exploratory program including 730 users. Results included:

Eversound gives families the ability to communicate with residents, and for residents to engage in more programs and activities, even when physically distancing. The Eversound system does this through five key features:

  1. Long-range transmission up to 300 feet to ensure clarity of communication is not impacted by walls, doors, windows, or when residents need to be 6 feet or more apart.
  2. High fidelity listening system with no dependencies, operating without Wi-Fi or cellular data for zero disruptions, with added DECT technology for clearer communication.
  3. Broadcast abilities integrated with listening systems to allow for simultaneous broadcasting of voice and audio, with connection to almost all audio sources.
  4. Made of antimicrobial materials for easy sanitation.
  5. Ergonomic design built specifically for older adults to enhance their focus and engagement by accommodating the manual dexterity and hearing-loss issues associated with aging.

Solvere Living continues to invest in the latest innovations to improve the quality of life in every community we operate. Locate the Solvere community near you on this map and reach out to find out more about our commitment to a fulfilling and happy retirement.