Solvere Living Connects With Residents and Families Through Caremerge

When residents and families were looking for better ways to communicate with each other and with the community teams, Solvere Living partnered with Caremerge to deploy their innovative engagement solutions to bring people together. The result has more than three years of success delivering better family communication, easy-to-use digital program calendars and resident communication improvements across all communities that are taking advantage of these services.

These simple, user-friendly solutions promote wellness and inspire collaboration between residents, team members and families while improving quality of care and time spent on real engagement. Current solutions in Solvere Living communities include the comprehensive Family Engagement products, and a variety of new tools and services are set to release soon to answer the evolving digital needs in senior living communities.

Here is how Caremerge adds to the world-class Solvere Living suite of services and products, and how it is improving resident happiness in our communities nationwide:

Family Engagement: Communicate with Families Securely and Quickly

Building trust is important to us when we begin new relationships with family members and residents that choose to live in a Solvere Living community. This secure mobile platform enables team members to easily communicate with family members, providing information that ranges from the latest programs and activities through Calendar Central, to Family Announcement, which makes it easy to send out important communication to multiple families or message a select group. In every way possible, we are creating a safe space for regular communication with family members to help manage your questions and offer a glimpse into community lifestyle.

“The March 13th announcement, because it represented such a drastic action, was preceded by a personal phone call,” Steve explained. As the primary point of contact, he got the call and alerted his sister about what was coming.

They both received the new announcement through the app simultaneously, meaning they both had all relevant details about their father’s wellbeing at their fingertips.

“To me,” said Steve, “It’s a very good use of the announcement function.”

In a time of elevated stress, he didn’t have to worry about getting the details or messaging correct to pass along to family. For The Brielle, the Family Engagement app made it possible to share the news with everyone on residents’ family lists.”

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Family Announcement – Sterling Aventura

Villages of Windcrest Family Announcement


Caremerge Digital Tools Supporting Senior Living Communities

Broadcast: Crisis Communication during COVID-19 Pandemic

The Caremerge Broadcast communication solution helps Solvere Living quickly and securely deliver critical information across all our communities. This tool allows designated staff to easily send a text, email, or voicemail to all families, residents, and team members. We can keep everyone up-to-date with relevant information specific to what’s happening at each community.

Calendar Central: Activity Tracking and Digital Events

Calendar Central is a digital calendar that increases team efficiency and helps to promote resident wellness. We can easily track attendance and assign one of the Dimensions of Wellness to events, allowing team members to couple data-driven insights with our first-hand knowledge about residents to better manage activity programming. Community teams can customize everything from event details to the look and feel of the printable calendar. Calendar Central provides a single reference point and real-time updates that can be accessed on any device to help everyone throughout our communities stay on track with our events and programs.

Caremerge Community Engagement: Resident Engagement and Community Signage

Caremerge Community Engagement provides residents with more opportunities to engage from their smartphone, tablet, or desktop with other residents, and for staff to build deeper relationships to better service residents. We utilize this app to centralize communication to residents and to use it as a signage solution to provide important information to people across the communities. We can post information about activities, important announcements and dining menus around the community and public spaces that all are automatically pulled from our Caremerge platform.

Solvere Living community Aspire at Carriage Hill utilizes Caremerge for many of their resident engagement solutions, including sharing important announcements and dining information.


If you are interested in learning more about how our commitment to innovation is making life safer and more enjoyable for residents in our senior living communities, find the community closest to you and contact us today