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Around here, every story shapes every other story, industry news and every day insights.

Of all the things that make our communities special, perhaps the most important is how all of our stories combine to create news, insights and a larger story of respect, meaning and inspiration. The story that brought a community team member here impacts the story of the individual who just moved here. And the story of every Solvere team member touches the story of every resident and community team member. Together, their stories — and how closely we listen to those stories — inform what we do, how we do it, what information and news we share and why everything we do is driven by so much insight.

Grand Opening / Tessera of Brandon


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Hear from senior living executives and expert team members as they share industry-leading tips and updates.

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Hear from Solvere Living team members on company, community and senior living industry-leading tips and updates.

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Watch the brightest minds in aging services discussing topics that mean the most to you, from the importance of maintaining connections to knowing how to prepare mentally for downsizing.

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