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Introducing the Memory Murals Signature Program

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Painting a legacy

When a person lives with memory loss, some people assume it’s just the memory that goes away. But the ability to speak, write, socialize and use fine motor skills can also fade. That’s where art therapy comes in — a craft engaging an individual’s self-expression, imagination and emotions while strengthening cognitive, motor and verbal skills.

With our Memory Murals program, a trained instructor works with memory loss residents to paint something significant in a common area of the community. The residents might choose a noteworthy landmark from the surrounding region, for example, and a professional artist will trace a template of the image onto an interior or exterior wall. Then, the fun begins: residents fill in the templates and together create a colorful and permanent mural. Staff plays music while the residents paint and socialize with one another in a fun and relaxing environment.

Art can reduce anxiety and depression, improve personal communication and relationships, and enhance quality of life for all people, regardless of memory challenges. And while art therapy will not cure or reverse memory loss, it can help promote spiritual, emotional, physical and mental health and well-being. Memory Murals is a great way for residents, even if they have never painted before, to come together with peers, family and staff to bond over something new and exciting. Even if the residents don’t remember that they painted the mural, they’ll never forget how the art makes them feel when they see it.

Browse through photos of some of our community murals below and click here to learn more about our other signature programs.