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Three online marketing techniques your community should be using.

There are two indisputable truths to online marketing for retirement communities. One, the use of the internet as a trusted tool to research senior living options shows no sign of diminishing. And two, if your community’s website cannot be easily found or lacks the important information the searcher is looking for, your community will not be among those considered.

Seniors and their family members are becoming ever more savvy and comfortable using the internet to research senior living options. That’s why it’s critical to have an online marketing strategy in place to attract their attention and begin a dialogue with your community. Here are three key techniques your online marketing strategy should be employing now.

1. Be found with SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be very technical and overwhelming. Keep things simple by considering what might be in the mind of the potential resident who is searching for the services you provide.

2. Engage searchers with information – when and where they want

The old model of waiting for a prospect to ask for a brochure to be mailed to them with a personalized letter included is no longer effective. Seniors and their families want real-time information and trustworthy advice.

3. Attention-grabbing calls to action

Now it’s time to create a dialogue with your searcher. Calls to Action (CTAs) are the words, graphics or images employed to compel the prospect to take some sort of action.

Your website is your immediate prospect-facing tool. Make sure it’s findable, content-rich, up-to-date and compelling!

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