Green Shoots: A Measure of Springtime and Success!

The term ‘green shoots’ was coined by Norman Lamont to describe the early signs of growth in the economy following a recession or downturn. Now green shoots applies to nearly any hopeful sign of growth or renewal, from economic recovery to home sales and even the senior housing market. At Solutions Advisors, we’re experiencing our own green shoots with growth of both our consultant business as well as our management contracts. In just the past few months, the management side of our business has expanded as owners and investors recognize the value of a total solutions management company with expertise in business, finance, operations and marketing.

Current SA Management contracts include:

And we say goodbye to our longtime client since 2009:

We managed them to success and 100% sold and now they are self-managing!

New Clients

On the sales and marketing consulting side, the green shoots we are now seeing are the result of seeds planted in an especially fruitful fourth quarter of 2014 and early 2015 that saw the addition of these new clients:

New Team Members

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To help your green shoots blossom this Spring, call on Solutions Advisors for targeted solutions for marketing, sales and management services.

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