Our Story

In our communities, every story matters. Here’s ours.

We’re Solvere (Latin for “to solve”) and here’s our story: we began more than 10 years ago as a company that marketed and filled senior living communities. Since then our mission and vision has grown, and, today, we also manage more than 20 communities across the country. But we really see our mission as inspiring people to reach their full potential. From the individuals who live in the communities we manage to the team members who bring their talents to those communities, we strive to help everyone add meaningful and inspiring chapters to their lives.

As we look ahead, our next years and beyond will be driven by our determination, tenacity and hunger for the next big idea or the small innovation that can have a significant impact on the lives of the people we serve.

Passion is at the heart of our story.

Passion can’t be taught. You either have it or you don’t. At Solvere Living, we have a passion to honor your legacy, encourage your dreams and enhance your future. You can feel our passion in the creation of our signature philosophy Salus (Latin for “wellness”), a constant reminder to infuse everything we do with purpose, respect and energy.

You can also feel it in our simple — and unassailable — belief that you always come first. And finally, you’ll feel it in our desire to truly know your story, with all its fascinating twists and turns, colorful characters and powerful themes.

Salus. Service. StoryTree.

These Three Pillars are the cornerstone of what we do and proof of what differentiates Solvere Living’s approach to senior living — our desire to work longer, harder and smarter to provide you with the ideal next chapter in your story.

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