a core commitment to resident, family and staff satisfaction.

To Solvere, “The customer always comes first.” is more than a catch phrase. It is at the very core of Solvere’s commitment to resident and staff satisfaction. Service by Solvere guides all community team members with solutions and programs that provide both the tools and the training necessary to uphold this commitment – to residents and their families, as well as to each other.

Solvere believes that interacting with prospects, residents and families should always elicit feelings of warmth and understanding. Solvere’s program, Salvē, the Latin word for “Welcome,” upholds our belief. Every Solvere-managed community has a Welcome Team trained to respond to prospect, resident and family inquiries. The program includes tools to secure team members with everything needed to answer questions and concerns.

Via, the Latin word for “Passage,” defines our customer-centric approach to the move-in process. Solvere designed Via to ensure that the move-in process is streamlined, that protocols are set and followed and that the move is orderly and stress-free. Via integrates all facets of the move-in process; from the time a deposit is secured, to providing moving assistance, community orientation and regular touch points in the weeks and months after a resident moves in.