Meet The Team

Meet the home office team. Chosen for their unique talents.

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Our vision is to inspire people to reach their full potential. And our mission is to create value-driven and innovative solutions. But those are only words until they’re brought to life by our dedicated and compassionate team members. Every day in every community they do what comes naturally — listen, engage, inspire and truly care for every person they encounter. Click on each team member to read their story.

Solvere Living is a strengths-based organization, meaning that when a team member is able to put more energy into developing his or her natural talents, extraordinary growth occurs not just in the team member, but throughout the organization. Based on Gallup’s study of human strengths and Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment, each Solvere team member uncovers their unique themes of talent to align with their responsibilities and goals. It creates an environment of innovation and cooperation — not to mention a Great Place to Work.


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