Greyson Kelly-Schad

Digital Marketing Manager

Greyson has worked in the marketing field for three years and has a year of experience in the senior living industry. He started out as a marketing intern at the first senior living company he worked for while quickly being promoted to a Social Media and Content Marketing Specialist and soon thereafter, a Manager. Greyson was able to manage multiple layers of the marketing department from writing and editing content to creating unique social media strategies.

He is excited to bring his experience and expertise to Solvere by developing those same strategies and helping create meaningful content to support new and existing initiatives. In addition, he will provide support and strategy for a multitude of digital marketing efforts. These are, but are not limited to, Facebook and PPC advertising, training on social media best practices and email campaign development.

With his experience, know-how and strong work ethic, Greyson plans to build and execute upon many digital efforts to help the Solvere Living brand grow and thrive within the senior living industry.

Bachelor of Science, Marketing, University of South Florida St Petersburg

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Greyson After Hours...

Greyson lives in Treasure Island, FL where he lives on the water. “It’s AMAZING!” He absolutely loves to spend time on the water whether it’s on a boat or kayak. He also has a passion for gaming and Marvel’s greatest superhero, Spiderman. Greyson enjoys spending time with family, especially his mom, while also enjoying relaxation time where he can sit back, relax and game for hours on end with his friends.