Wendy Dorn

Managing Director of Wellness St. Petersburg, FL Office

Wendy has been in the nursing field for the past 30 years, gaining vast and extensive experience that comes from working as a staff nurse, director, educator, and consultant. She has an impressive record of working in various managerial and leadership positions in assisted living, palliative care, home health services, policy development, nursing education, and management and consulting. Wendy has accumulated a multitude of skills by working with children, adults and senior citizens throughout her career.

Before she joined Solvere Living, Wendy was a Registered Nurse Case Manager and Clinical Director at Grace Healthcare Services, where she played a crucial role in the management and growth of the company. During the course other professional career, she has climbed up the ladder of success with consistent, giant leaps. With an inspiring academic and professional record, she possesses a set of top-level interpersonal communication, management, and decision-making skills along side compassion and empathy, making her a well rounded professional in her field.

Education & Certifications
Bachelor of Science-Nursing, Chamberlain College of Nursing, Millersville University of Pennsylvania
Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse
Certified Case Manager

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Wendy After Hours...

When not at work, Wendy enjoys many activities, especially those related to the outdoors. With her husband of 30 years, Wendy loves to spend her free time riding motorcycles through multiple states, being a free spirit. She loves cruising on her bike, hiking, running and has participated in a few marathons, as well. Wendy also has a passion for animals and has fostered, raised and trained several pets, including a fully trained therapy dog that spends time with her visiting patients’ children and senior citizens.