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All the elements of a great story.

Thanks to hard work, creativity and discipline, you’ve written an amazing life story. And as you look ahead, you want to continue to build your legacy, create moments of joy and fulfill your purpose. Our deep understanding of your goals and our respect for your legacy is reflected in what we call our Three Pillars: Salus, Service and StoryTree.

Salus™ is our trademark wellness philosophy that inspires everything we do. It reminds us to weave the four dimensions of wellness — social, intellectual, spiritual and physical — into every relationship we create with residents.
Our Service philosophy — The Customer Always Comes First — may sound familiar, but we give it a surprising twist. We actually believe it! And we make sure that every individual who lives in the communities we manage feels it every day.
StoryTree brings together the seven powerful elements of storytelling to gain a better understanding of you and what’s important to you, especially as you transition into the next chapter of your life. By understanding your story — and not simply the “facts” of your life — we can relate more powerfully back to the wellness dimensions at the heart of our Salus philosophy.


So, you see, it’s all woven together to create communities driven by more energy and purpose and filled with residents adding powerful new stories to their lives.

Salus — Latin, verb, “well-being” or “wellness”

Salus is the philosophy that makes life in every Solvere-operated community so rewarding and energizing. But it’s not some abstract idea. It’s a core belief that’s infused into everything we do. It focuses our energy and ideas on the four essential components of wellness — physical, social, intellectual and spiritual. Simply put, we care more about your wellness, so we do more to strengthen your sense of purpose and meaning.

Valeo™ — Latin, verb, “to thrive”

older adult memory care programs
You are the sum of your stories, even if some of those stories are harder to recollect than they once were. Our Valeo wellness philosophy for memory care takes the same principles that inform our Salus philosophy but tailors those ideas to individuals living with memory impairments. Valeo is Latin for “to thrive” — and our goal is to give each person in memory care every opportunity to achieve their goals and live purposefully on their own terms.

Just as Salus is integrated into everything we do, our Valeo philosophy drives our industry-leading training programs, which teach even non-clinical team members how to compassionately support the day-to-day needs of residents with memory challenges. Our team members take the time to truly get to know each resident and constantly seek opportunities to create moments of joy and meaning.

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Here’s the simple story of our service promise: the customer always comes first. We respect your legacy. We support your goals. We encourage your interests. And every step along the way, we work to understand, inspire and serve you.

Our commitment to service begins before you even move in. Salve, Latin for “welcome,” is our program that guarantees every Solvere-operated community has a Welcome Team trained to respond to any and all inquiries, whether you’re considering moving in, planning to move in or actually moving in.

And once you’ve decided to call one of our communities home, our Via program ensures that the move-in process is as seamless and stress-free as possible, and that all the protocols are set and followed. We’ll be there for you from the moment you make a lifestyle decision through move-in and orientation, and as you settle into your community.

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You are so much more than your age, income, career choice and marital status. You are the result of the stories that have defined your life. There are themes that run through your story. Characters that have shaped you. Plot twists that have changed the direction of your life. Wisdom that has framed your point of view. And there’s a good chance the setting for your story has changed more than a few times.

As you look to change the setting once again, rest assured that every team member at every Solvere community wants to know the real story of your life. Why? Because we want to make the next chapter more engaging, more authentic and as interesting as possible.

Thanks to our strong belief in the StoryTree philosophy, we work every day to make personal connections with the people we serve. We ask questions. We listen. And we respond. The result is a group of communities that are more dynamic and engaging because people have a deeper connection to each other — and a deeper understanding.

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